Health & Sanitation

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Health & Sanitation


Health is wealth, but many of the low income and poor households of India lack access to even basic healthcare. Save The Humanity is here to help those who lack hope. We offer our funds to the poorest of the poor, so that they can access basic healthcare facilities.

For our foundation, funding blood donation drives, health programs and vaccination programs are a mission we aim to fulfill.

For those in need, we offer initiatives geared towards primary, secondary and tertiary health care. We also provide financial support to those in need of critical, life saving healthcare operations. We serve those in need of urgent and critical care, including vulnerable sections of society such as women, children, elderly, poor and disabled.

For us, health for all is a critical mission we strive to fulfill. Save The Humanity is dedicated to the support of critical healthcare initiatives in rural and remote regions as well. We are an NGO/charitable foundation with a strong emphasis on accountability and commitment towards the health and welfare for all. Join us in the endeavor to support those in need of health care.