Help to Poor works towards the objective of preserving the environment by addressing two root problems of deforestation and global warming through an idea as simple as planting of trees. The social enterprise adopts a number of models where it allows companies and individuals to plant saplings on community or public lands. The company or the individual can plant a tree for as little as INR 160 on the social enterprise’s online website “” for planting the sapling and dedicating it to employees, customers or friends and family, thereby providing revenue to the social enterprise for self-sustainability. Planting trees not only improves wildlife habitats, preserves biodiversity and thereby fights climate change but also provides livelihood opportunities to the communities who are directly involved in the planting of the trees.

Help to Poor has also partnered with many more corporates / NGOs who serve as planting partners in each of their specific planting areas. These partners are responsible for planting the sapling and maintaining it for its lifetime where the work is undertaken by the people from rural areas and community members. These labourers are adequately paid by the respective NGO who are directly funded by Help to Poor. The communities are also availed of the by products of trees like fruits, fodder, flowers, etc. Help to Poor has a dedicated auditor who visits their project sites often to keep a check on the survival of the trees.

In 2020 donations from the INDIA transformed the lives of more than

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